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Just peeking over the top of the glory hole naturally for the first time in over a decade, February 16, Monticello Dam is a foot (93 m) high concrete arch dam in Napa County, California, United ‎Statistics · ‎History · ‎Spillway.

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The 72ft diameter pipe, known as Morning Glory Spillway, or simply Glory Hole, takes in water like a drain, once the reservoir is filled over capacity, and shoots it into a creek below the Monticello Dam. The massive Morning Glory Spillway in the Lake Berryessa reservoir in northern California was originally.

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Duck accidentally takes on California's famous 'glory hole' taking on a famous drain in the Lake Berryessa reservoir in northern California. Discover Monticello Dam Morning Glory Spillway in Napa, California: The largest drain hole in the world.

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The Morning Glory Spillway, colloquially known as 'The Glory Hole,' can It empties water from the Monticello Dam in Lake Berryessa to. Known locally as the “Glory Hole”, the giant spillway is designed to capture excess water at Lake Berryessa reservoir in Napa County.

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History was made last month when water spilled into the Glory Hole at Lake Berryessa, ending a more than year dry spell, the longest gap. The recent activity of the spillway in Lake Berryessa is the first time the water has been high enough to spill in.

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The Glory Hole is Lake Berryessa's unconventional spillway. When the North Bay gets lots of rain, the Napa County reservoir fills and water. For most of the year, the largest lake in Napa County, California, looks like any other lake. This beautiful.

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Monticello Dam is a foot (93 m) high concrete arch dam in Napa County, California, United States constructed between and A lone duck was sucked into a foot-deep drain at a reservoir known as the "Glory Hole" in northern California. Rick Fowler, Lake.

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The Morning Glory Spillway, colloquially known as 'The Glory Hole,' can swallow water at a rate of cubic feet per second. Craig Sanders It's called a spillway. It drains water to a culvert. Used to stop overflowing and the redirection of water. Not known as a glory hole at all.

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No, that's not a terrifying hole into the underworld; the 'hole' of Lake Berryessa is a life-saving spillway for the Monticello Dam. Lake Berryessa's glory hole spillway in Napa carries water down an story shaft when reservoir levels rise — and this video posted to.

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The Glory Hole at Lake Berryessa looks like a giant concrete funnel that rises near the Monticello Dam. Most of the time it juts above the lake. It is called a "Morning Glory" or "Glory Hole" spillway. A minor local spot of interest here is the spillway for the Lake Berryessa reservoir.