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Jump to Ammonia, bleach, or chlorine scent - When your body's pH levels are balanced, semen should smell like ammonia, bleach, or other alkaline substances. You might notice variations in this scent, especially after you have sex. The vagina leans toward the acidic side, with a typical pH level between and ‎Fish or rotten egg scent · ‎Sniff the 'semen tree' for scale.

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Dec 2, - Because of its slightly alkaline pH, Fosnight said healthy semen should have an "ammonia or bleach-like kind of a smell," and will taste a bit. Jan 20, - Sperm has ammonia and other alkaloids that smell like some cleaning products, which isn't the most pleasant smell but it isn't the worst smell.

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Jan 16, - My semen has always had a strong smell of ammonia. The taste and smell of semen is influenced a lot by your diet, vitamins and genetics. I noticed my sperm got alittle thick snd had some gel like spots in it read more. Dec 20, - But try telling a partner that your sperm is like an anti-depressant and see . Semen does contain ammonia and other sterile-smelling alkaloids.

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Nov 26, - How do they not not know what semen smells like? . Semen smells bleachy because it has ammonia in it, so this is pretty commonplace. Sep 14, - Semen usually have the smell of chlorine or bleach which it gets from the alkaloids and ammonia that is found in the 96% water content, any fishy smell Smelly semen that smells like pus or fish may be a sign of prostate.

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I have searched online for this topic and have not found anything that pertains to it. My husband's semen smells so strong like ammonia, that I can smell it when. Bleach is a strong alkaline, hence a somewhat similar smell. Now, if you were to say that semen smells a bit like urine, that would make more.

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Oct 18, - In the case of the ornamental pear, what you're smelling is trimethylamine and dimethylamine, both of which smell like ammonia. And the twist. Does semen have a smell? Yes. It is a very distinct smell. Nothing smells quite like it. It has a bit of a "bleachy" smell to it. Is it strong? It comes.

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Why do we get a characteristic smell after the 1st shower of rain & what is the name of the What does semen smell like? What does ammonia smell like? Sep 4, - Female Ejaculation. Touch it and smell it - if it smells like ammonia, then it is urine if it has the smell and taste like an Angel, then it is vaginal.

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Feb 18, - But uh, what does that typically smell like? pH level of sperm) can trigger an ammonia smell, and so can any lubricants and spermicides you. Men: 4 Real Reasons She Hates Your Semen it is absolutely natural for a man's semen to smell like a swimming pool, bleach or ammonia.

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Feb 1, - Semen normally smells like ammonia, bleach, or chlorine Semen is about 1 percent sperm and 99 percent other compounds, enzymes. Mar 18, - Why does my cum smell like bleach? store-bought cleansers, home-spun spunk also contains ammonia and other sterile-smellin' alkaloids.

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May 21, - Infections, such as bacterial vaginosis, can cause a fishy smell, while women smell an iron-like metallic odor, and others smell ammonia. Sometimes interactions between semen and vaginal fluids can cause vaginal odor. My sperm can only smell weak chlorine at the moment. Please, tell me it smells like your skin after a long day in a swimming pool or a bit like Missing: ammonia ‎| ‎Must include: ‎ammonia.

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(+50). mine does also brah, I think thats just how semen smells behaviour in the past. (). mine smells like something nasty, but not bleach. Oct 24, - Sperm is, to me, not only ammonia/bleach but aquatic, wet and slightly rotting Are you planing on creating a fragrance that smells like sperm?

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All of the sudden his semen doesn't smell like bleach anymore. It always smelled like ammonia after his reversal then all of the sudden over. My vagina odor five common vaginal odors explained There is a common misconception that the vagina.