Sirius black spank harry

Sirius black spank harry

Jan 5, - After one of Harry's many escapades, Sirius is pushed to take the boy in hand. Contains disciplinary spanking of a teen. and she had had enough, a feeling that she had not very quietly or subtly conveyed to Sirius Black.

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May 15, - ONESHOT, Sirry Slash (Harry/Sirius) Spanking Fic - In which to put him in his place, and it's Sirius Black whose unfortunately tasked to step. Mar 27, - This story contains the DISIPLINARY SPANKING OF MINORS. Rated: Fiction T - English - Hurt/Comfort - Harry P., Sirius B. - Chapters: 2 . When Harry settled he grabbed the waistband of the black boxers Harry had on and.

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Sirius spanks harry In Sirius Trouble Chapter 1 a harry potter fanfic West London, mr Black, unique variety sheer number pairings present within Additionally. Jan 30, - Meet Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Severus Snape." He hears .. He catches up to Harry and whispers "did he just spank you?" Harry nods.

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After finishing the second book (Chamber of Secrets) Sirius decides it prudent to deliver some corporal punishment to Harry, twenty spanks to. Jul 4, - Three Ways Sirius Black Never Raised Harry Potter, Part 2 .. away,” Sirius complained, his cheeks still flushed from the impromptu spanking.

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"If i see you do it, you are going to get a spanking! Sirius Black, his best friend, chuckled. "Trust me Lily" Remus Lupin cut in from behind Sirius and James. Black Cat. Writer: Black Cat Genre: Harry Potter Pairings: M/m paddle, M/m . Sirius sighs and pulls it out of the way, continuing to spank Harry until he has a.

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Oct 25, - Sirius decided to throw a little party and you all feel it in the morning. Stories Party Marauders Harry Potter Harry Sirius Remus James Peter Fun in a shrill depiction of Lily's voice "Now get here for your spanking Mr Man! You all stood there mouths agape staring at a curled up very naked Sirius Black. May 18, - Never in his life had Harry been spanked, he had always managed to . Sirius Black was declared innocent but still is believed dead to the.

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Mar 13, - I know some people are squeamish about spanking, but I decided Sirius' scowl broke into a slight smile and James passed Harry over Both of them had fond smiles on their faces as they watched the black-haired little boy. Apr 2, - James had to spank Harry for that because we Do Not use Uncle . “Sirius's family—the Blacks—were and are so much more terrible than you.

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Image result for snape spanking. Harry Potter . Remus Lupin and Harry Pitter Watching Sirius Black Die Harry Potter Watch, Harry Potter Sirius · Harry Potter. Sirius is killed, and Harry is sent back to live with the Dursleys. Potter, you are not the first young boy that I have had need to spank. In addition, the boy had no other visions from the Dark Lord, for which Snape was extremely grateful.